Our Designer

Chic'd Out Designs is more than just a brand.

"I'd buy a beatiful piece of jewelry before milk and eggs any day"

Jewelry is the finishing touch to any outfit. Women will always buy shoes and jewelry. These items are essential to everyday life.

Chic'd Out Designs started because I felt jewelry was the best way to express myself without ever saying a word. My personal jewelry selection was always on point, unique, daring, fun, and bold. When I would wear a piece people would stop to ask "where did you get that!?"

So, in my early 20's I began making my own jewelry. It was fun, people loved my stuff, and I made a small amount of extra cash. I loved how creative I had become, and the more I made, the better I got. I did a ton of research, read countless articles, watched so many tutorials, and made mastering quality jewelry my priority. Mission accomplished. Ha! There's not much I can't do. If I've not yet done it- you better believe I'll figure it out. My passion for my craft far surpasses my desire to fill my pockets. Don't get me wrong, though; I need my worth! Every bit of my worth is in every creation.

Everything I design, I wear first. I make sure each piece makes sense, because I make pieces to wear every day. So, it must make sense; it must function; it must be of high quality; it must make a statement; oh, and it must be versatile! This is my journey, and I am so pleased you're coming along for the ride. Buckle up because this gets good...

  • Roz