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Sometimes, you just have to breathe so you can relax and unwind...that feeling of total calm; free from emotional disturbances....ah, peace. We all crave that feeling. Let this fabulous scent take you to that safe haven.  The crisp freshness of sea salt meets the luxurious richness of vanilla in a blend that is uniquely comforting and yet refreshingly spa like. 

Top notes of lemon, fleur de sel water, cool calone.  Middle notes of cedar leaf, eucalyptus and aquatic lilies. 

Bottom notes of cotton musk, teakwood and white vanilla beans.  This spa oil is refreshing and luxurious.  A fabulous blend of rich vanilla bean and sea salts.


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Libbey Cylinder 15 oz

Coco Apricot Creme Wax

Cotton Wick

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